Small Engine Repairs and Equipment Rental in Red Deer


Ask us about the extended warranties on your eternal expend of your engine
Ask us about the 6 years warranty.
Ask us about Aspen fuel 3 to 5 years self live.
As us about the priority services from us.

We Can Finance - Two Year Warranty on All Products

2700 PSI Pressure Washer, $550

Cut off Saw, $1300 - 14"
Cut off Saw 4 stroke - $1600

Motors: Many to choose from, new and used. Call us for prices. 403-343-2610

24 inch snapper for $1300, or 29 inch snapper with walking dry system, electrical shoot and discharge for $1700

A lot of deals on chain saws please contact plus hedge trimmer and pumps

2000 inverter 900 the 3500 is 650, the 8000 is 1400, the 5000 is 950

Many Snow blowers to choose from, starting $325 and up.

Many lawn motors and tractors for sale